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According to Alexa Lynn this is the last bondage shoot of her career, and one of the last porn shoots of her life; she is retiring. So what do you do with a cutie blond who is retiring from the industry?

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You keeping record of the wins and loses, style and shame points? Are spoken, and Nadia complains that the new wrestler is just too rough. I start janking and yanking myself to get free but ropes only get tangled. Everything she has. Not textbook synesthesia, perhaps, but it's good enough for me. She's barely hanging in as it is humiliating.

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With one finger, two fingers, three fingers, four fingers, big dildos, even bigger dildos, and machines. She is stapon fucked, balls deep, in a suspension and made to come again now. So, the bondage is exceptional. Finally, he breaks and welcomes her pain with his hands tied his ass and waxes her intials into his chest so he never forgets that he is unclean and must be washed.

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Not many people bend easily into this position, most who do can't hold it for very long. We find this is the most humiliating position to be in. Asshole and pussy up in the air for all to violate. Not only that but the girl can watch everything you do to her. She watches helplessly as you finger fuck her ass, then she stares at the inflatable butt plug that gets jammed in.

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